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Jonathon Melhus

"An artist starts a story and it's the viewers who finish it."

I often find when I read a good book that the author creates an image with words and it's up to me the reader to imagine it however I feel. Sure the author describes how they see it, but each of us has a different inner artist and the author can only paint so much. Whether it is people close to us or places we've seen we all sort of base the characters and places off of our own memories. Each image becomes something different depending on the person and the life they live.

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In the Gallery


Renewal"This is the last of my unfinished paintings that I've worked on over the years. I kind of had the idea that she is like a phoenix going around and renewing the forest, basically like the coming of fall when the leaves turn colour and fall off awaiting the next season to grow anew."

Falling in Love

Falling in Love "The tree's leaves are changing and falling making this wonderful composition for a perfect Autumn scene. The trees are embracing and forming a heart. So hence the name (Fall)ing in Love. I hope you enjoy it."
"There is just something about your art that makes me feel inspired. Great colours and beautiful scenery"

Path Of Enlightenment

Path of Enlightenment
Recent News

I had a wonderful Christmas this year! I was able to spend it with my fiancee which was a blessing. Thank God for sending Jesus to us for it is his love that makes life so beautiful. I created some new pieces of art as Christmas presents, be sure to check them out in the gallery.

I just recently made a commitment to my muse. My girlfriend is no longer my girlfriend, she is now my fiancee. We had the most beautiful setting for the proposal at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Ontario, Canada. To learn more about it check out my blog.

For those who haven't heard, not long ago my work was published in ImagineFX. I was quite over joyed with the news. Read my past blogs to hear more about it.

I'm also working on a new painting, It will be a calming and relaxing scene of a woman in a stream on a rock in the middle of the woods. Oh, and there will be plenty of light shining through to add a little warmth and feeling. To see its progress click here.

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