Being an artist is the dream of my life. I've been painting with acrylics on canvas for the last ten years. I come from a family of artists so it's in my blood. Both my parents and sister went to school for art. A lot of what I learned about art came from my parents and my love for creating. I live in a rather rural setting so I tend to see a lot of nature and that is what inspires me most. I have also attended Sheridan College in Ontario, Canada where I received a certificate with high honors in the study of art. It is a wonderful school for artists and I learned a lot there.


My passion is seen in my work as I create a style that is unique. Using light and color that radiates warmth, brings life, mystery and imagination to the canvas. My style will continue to be honed as I always strive to create better art for all to enjoy.


A lot of my inspiration comes from God's creations, the world around me. The love of my life is also very inspirational, she is my muse and an artist as well. As for other artists most of it comes from illustrators of my favorite books. The two that made a majority of them are Michael Whelan and Keith Parkinson whose vision, style and skill I greatly admire.


"Art is a union of soul with color, what you see all depends on the color of your soul."
"Just be yourself, because nobody is going to love you if you can't love who you are."