Brook of Tranquility
My Story

I always take my sketch book and just imagine landscape compositions. I do this because I've always felt that I need to improve upon my backgrounds. When completed with a sketch I try to imagine a figure somewhere in that environment. That is when I search through my many photos that I've taken of my fiancee. I love landscapes/scenery but I feel it's more interesting with a person inside that environment so that you can relate to it. In this one I imagined a brook coming out of the woods with the light coming through it. I wanted to go with different colors so I looked at my past pieces and tried to avoid those hues. I ended up with greens, blues and reds for the main focus of the composition to tie it all together as well as using many other colors in smaller amounts. The end product is a tranquil scene of a woman surprised by your visit to her peaceful world. Hope you enjoy, take care and God bless.



Fields, streams, trees and of course my fiancee. God makes the most beautiful of places and I attempt to imitate some of them with the talent that he gave me. I love pathways and a stream or river is just like a road, but made by God.


MEDIUM: Acrylic on canvas

SIZE: 24in. X 36in.


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