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It's a pleasure to meet you, thank you for stopping by. Let me take a moment to tell you about what's in store for you once you step into the gallery.

You are about to take a journey to a magical place full of light and color. When painting I try to put a piece of my soul into it by adding feeling to every stroke. My goal is to paint places that I can find myself sitting down for awhile to enjoy the scenery.

My wish is that your experience will be a unique one full of wonder. You're more than welcome to come back to my worlds anytime. You just might find that you missed something the first time or there might be new worlds that you didn't see before.

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While you're here you might as well as take a look at my sister's website. She is very talented and would love to have you stop on by.


Romantic Art and Vintage Style Treasures

By Nichole Huotari


Newest Work

As one journeys through life you often find that what you saw in the past tends to change with the present, you see the world with new eyes. That is what I hope you come away with as you view my newest work. See how lifes experiences add depth to my art as my vision changes with the future. Sit back and enjoy, let it tell you a story like it does for me.