Commission Information
I am now accepting commissions for anyone wanting my unique style of work. Due to my work schedule and availability there may be a waiting list, so keep that in mind if looking for work to be done by a certain time. If you would like to commission me please go to my contact page and use the form or write directly to my email with your ideas, size requirements and if you want it done by a certain date. I can do anything from an 8" x 10" to 24" x 36" on stretched canvas or masonite/hardboard. I generally work on hardboard for portraits and canvas for everything else. I prefer not to work smaller or larger than those sizes but may be willing to do so. Keep in mind for very small paintings that I may not be able to fit a lot into them due to their size.

Please also keep in mind my general style. Take a look at my portfolio to get a feel for how I paint and what subjects I enjoy. If your idea is for something outside of my general style, I may decline it. I only work in acrylic for it is the medium which I work best in. Acrylic may take longer and the prices are higher than pencil, colored pencil or ink, but the results are far better. Also minor changes are possible, whereas if it is done in colored pencil or ink it is permanent. If you are interested in a portrait, please send clear reference photos for me to work from. The quality of reference will greatly impact how well I can create the likeness, although I can improvise in certain cases within reason if the image is less than perfect.
What types of commissions will I do?
  • Cover art, book and magazine illustrations
  • Character illustrations
  • Portrait work (portraits, fantasy portraits, role playing portraits)
  • General illustration work for personal or commercial use
  • Logos
  • Tattoos
  • Fantasy landscapes/scenes
  • General fantasy themes including fairies, elves, mermaids, knights, maidens, fairy tales, castles, unicorns, dragons
I have the right to refuse any commission for any reason. For example: if you request for me to paint copyrighted/ trademarked characters or ask me to do work that is offensive in nature or you want me to work in a style that I do not do. Then I will have no choice, but to turn down your commission because I will not paint illegally, create things that offend me or work in a style that I do not know.
Why Should You Choose Me?
  • I am a great listener, I take the time to understand your commission's particular needs.
  • The creation of your commission is a collaborative process. You are e-mailed images of the work in progress and asked for input, you are never left in the dark!
  • If you know exactly what you want; then just tell me and I will do my best to bring your vision with my style to life. If you don't have a clear vision then I can work with you to come up with a composition we both will love.
  • I understand that we live in a digital world, that is why I photograph my work so that you may have a digital file if you prefer that method of delivery or you wish to buy copyrights from me. I can deliver the exact size, color mode, and file format you need.
  • I am all about getting your commission done in a timely manner. It benefits us both to get the work done sooner rather than later. If you have a deadline that needs to be met I will do my best to get it done on time.
  • I love what I do and nothing gives me greater pride than to create work that makes people happy. Mutual respect goes a long way when it comes to collaborating on a piece of work that we both can enjoy.
The Commission Process
  1. Contact me through the contact page or by email ( and provide as much information as you can: what you want drawn or painted, what you’d like to use the image for (home, business, etc.), how big you’d like it, and if you need it by a certain deadline. Most of all, try to be as descriptive and detailed as you can, since that is how I will figure out how much time and work it will take to complete. You may also wish to have the composition and details left up to me, if so then I will be happy to do that for you. I will send you my estimate or ask for more information if I need it to set my final price. I will then let you know if I can start immediately or if not when I can.
  2. The conceptual process does not start until you have signed off on the details (contract) and I have received a deposit (50% non-refundable) on the commission. This deposit is necessary for two reasons, first is so that I will be compensated for the work to which I will doing and second is so that I know you are committed to the process.
  3. I will now begin designing and sketching images (3) based upon the details that you have provided thus far. Scans of the sketches will then be sent so that you may look at them and provide feedback. Changes and refinements are allowed at this stage if not expected; I will re-sketch or edit the image(s) and send them back to you. We will repeat this process until a design is approved, but I would prefer to keep the number of these exchanges to a minimum (depending on the number of exchanges and the extent of such changes I may have to charge extra for added time). My schedule could be full and the sketching time takes away from the painting/rendering time needed for your commission.
  4. When the design of the image is approved, I will start work on the final piece. This can take 1 to 8 weeks, sometimes longer or it may even be sooner, it all really depends on the specifics of each project.
  5. When the artwork is finished I will email you a low resolution copy of it. At this time you will look it over and decide if any changes need to be made; only 2 minor adjustments are allowed (any more and you will be charged extra). This may be restricted depending on the changes you request. Hopefully this will not be needed for you will be involved throughout the process and we will catch these issues while they are possible to alter. If you want numerous changes then somewhere along the way communications were severely crossed or a different artist should have been selected. That is why it is very important that you look through my body of work to make sure my style is what you desire.
  6. When you approve the copy, the high resolution and/or original work that was agreed upon is mailed to you as soon as the remainder of the commission fee is paid. It will be transported by registered/insured mail so that both parties will be protected.
How I Charge
I calculate my quotes on the artwork’s size, complexity and if you want rights to their use such as for reproduction or publication. All these factors are considered to keep my price quotes as reasonable as I can make them.

Prices range from $200 to $2,000 and higher depending on size, complexity and rights to use for the image. You’re welcome to look at my rates page to see my estimates for ownership of original artwork (rights are not listed). Please contact me for an individualized price quote and fee guide as pricing from commission to commission varies based on a number of factors. Logos for example can't be estimated by my rates page for they have many variables to determine their price.

I accept payments through Pay Pal (balance, bank account, or credit card) for it allows clear invoicing, secure payments and simplifies my bookkeeping. Due to processing costs I don't accept checks or money orders. I do not start work on a painting until payment clears, though you don't need to pay until I'm ready to start your piece.

A 50% payment is required up front for all commissions. This payment is non-refundable once commission begins. The remaining 50% + shipping will be requested upon completion of the artwork. Once work begins and in the event the client changes their mind and cancels the commission I will keep the deposit and any work completed will be mine to do with as I please. If for some reason I can't complete the commission, the client will be refunded the 50% deposit.

Before I can schedule your project I will require a signed contract. I make sure to cover all areas to make sure there are no questions as to who is responsible for what. To see what is entailed in the contract you can go to my commission aggrement page for a copy.

What you get
All of my original work is done traditionally and not digitally so the end product will be something physical that you can hang on your wall. Though I do not work digitally I do understand the need for people to have or want the end product to be digital. Digital images (photographs or scans) for online preview are always provided throughout the process that can also be used for web display. For printing/publishing, 300 dpi files (or higher resolution) are provided for those wishing to purchase those copyright privileges. I cannot guarantee delivery dates if you have not specified it before I start work. Generally once work has begun, pieces are completed between 1 and 8 weeks, with several approval stages (thumbnails, line art, color concept and final artwork). An estimated delivery time is given at the beginning of the commission. If you do need a portrait or project completed in a specific time frame due to special occasion please let me know and I will do my best to complete the artwork for you, but please keep in mind if you need an artwork by a certain date don't wait to contact me a week before you need the artwork , my style of work takes a lot of hours of work and I need time.
Shipping will be paid by the purchaser unless otherwise stated within the contract. I can ship to US and Internationally (some restrictions may apply). All art will be insured to protect you and me from damages or loss. Estimates can be given once size of commission is agreed upon. Please note ALL Artwork is mailed UN-FRAMed (unless framing is requested in the contract).
Refunds are not available on commissions (unless I have not begun work on your piece). Once a commission has begun and payment accepted, the deposit (50% of the total commission price) is non-refundable. If the commission is completed, has been agreed upon and paid for, no refund is available. Commissioned pieces will be replaced or redone if damaged in transit, but only if the item has been transported by registered/insured mail.
Rights and Publishing
Please note that I retain the copyright, including all reproduction and publishing rights to commissioned pieces unless we have signed a contract granting you rights. However, I will not make prints of or license portrait commissions without your consent to preserve your privacy. If you are looking to use the image commercially such as for a logo or to publish it, an additional fee will be required for those rights. I rarely sell full copyright on any artwork commissioned.